Friday, June 26, 2009

EKO DIALOGUE now available worldwide!

Hi bloggers!

You can now get your copy of EKO DIALOGUE, a witty collection of short stories anywhere you are in the woooooooorllllld!!!!

Visit and place your order today. We deliver to any destination in the world!

Eko Dialogue is fast-paced, brilliant and fluid you almost feel the blares, toots and cynicism of Eko (Lagos) literally come alive and jump straight at you. Promise me you'll get your copy *wink*

Looking forward to hear from y'all!

Happy reading!



bArOquE said...

hey cool...but for those of us that have that little cute book untop the pile (actually get to see that book everyday.LOL) can i order another copy for someone or let her do it herself?...Congrats Isi on the upward movement...more grease my darling

Isi said...

hi dearest! am sure u can, pls check the website. how are you doing?

mizchif said...

Isi, pls tell me where i can find the book to buy in Lagos, i just learnt that Nu Metro is no more and i don't know where to shop for books in Lagos.