Friday, June 26, 2009

EKO DIALOGUE now available worldwide!

Hi bloggers!

You can now get your copy of EKO DIALOGUE, a witty collection of short stories anywhere you are in the woooooooorllllld!!!!

Visit and place your order today. We deliver to any destination in the world!

Eko Dialogue is fast-paced, brilliant and fluid you almost feel the blares, toots and cynicism of Eko (Lagos) literally come alive and jump straight at you. Promise me you'll get your copy *wink*

Looking forward to hear from y'all!

Happy reading!


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Nnenna Okore, the talented and internationally acclaimed sculptor and installation artist, returns to Nigeria to hold her first major art exhibition beginning June 20th, 4pm, at the Goethe Institut in Lagos. After a successful series of exhibitions at galleries in the US and the UK, the Assistant Professor of Art at North Park University, Chicago will bring her vibrant and constructive approach to sculptural and installation art to a keen Nigerian art audience. The exhibition will be opened by her former professor and mentor at the University of Nsukka and famed art sculptor in his own right El Anatsui. Nnenna often uses materials found in urban environments. Her artworks reflect the way that natural and man-made materials evolve, decay and transform, while other pieces can take on the character and flowing shape of traditional woven cloths or elements of nature. She has received several awards and residencies worldwide, and has been exhibited in several prestigious galleries and museums including the Museum of Art and Design, New York and the October Gallery, London. The German Cultural center, the Goethe Institut are her hosts for this show presented by Kachifo Limited, publishers of Farafina Books.
This event is sponsored by DANA AIR and proudly supported by FARAFINA.
The show runs at the Goethe Institut from June 20th until July 10th. Learn more about this artist by logging on to

Monday, June 01, 2009

Hiya peeps!

Be my darls and check out

My experience as a mother has taught me one thing: mothers need all the help they can get!
Oh yes, I have had many challenges as a mother; like most other mothers out there, it is a problem keeping a day job because nannies and helps quit on me at dare moments; and sometimes it's hard to think straight with the kids jumping all over the place, turning your once spotless home into a hub of chaos!
And when kids want something - THEY WANT SOMETHING! It never crosses their mind if you can give them that 100% attention they desire.

Jolly Kids is a business I will be dedicating all of my efforts.

Apart from your weekly shopping, we spend hours with mothers in caring for their little angels.
If you need to celebrate your babies birthday and you do not wish to raise a muscle, we are here to make it work!

Do check out the
blog and give me a call!

Motherhood is bliss!