Monday, June 01, 2009

Hiya peeps!

Be my darls and check out

My experience as a mother has taught me one thing: mothers need all the help they can get!
Oh yes, I have had many challenges as a mother; like most other mothers out there, it is a problem keeping a day job because nannies and helps quit on me at dare moments; and sometimes it's hard to think straight with the kids jumping all over the place, turning your once spotless home into a hub of chaos!
And when kids want something - THEY WANT SOMETHING! It never crosses their mind if you can give them that 100% attention they desire.

Jolly Kids is a business I will be dedicating all of my efforts.

Apart from your weekly shopping, we spend hours with mothers in caring for their little angels.
If you need to celebrate your babies birthday and you do not wish to raise a muscle, we are here to make it work!

Do check out the
blog and give me a call!

Motherhood is bliss!


chayoma said...

Ahhh.... will give my auntys the word as i no get pikin...

LusciousRon said...

That is a nice blog. Good thing you are doing.

Shubby Doo said...

congrats on this...fab idea

bArOquE said...

hmmm, nice one Isi love...i pray Almighty God gives you the grace to carry out your plans and fulfil your dreams in Jesus Name.