Thursday, July 09, 2009

SPICE debuts!

SPICE is an all fashion and style magazine for the discerning. Grab your copy; call 0803-328-6604, 0702-808-9176, or visit your nearest vendor. More outlets soon!


bArOquE said...

hmmmm, seems like something i will definitely love to read, however IMHO, i dont like that space on the top left hand corner.
keep up the good work Isi love...ciao

princesa said...

Nice Cover Model. The graphic artist could still do better with the layout.

All the same , nice one babe.

You no want gree u dey publish dis one now?

Anonymous said...

Isi, I know this is a strange question. My hubby is Ishan and wants to name our yet to be born daughter Isi which I think is a gorgeous name. I would like to know the meaning though because he doesn't. can you help with this? Thanks a lot.

Isi said...

@baroque: thanks love, opinion noted!

@princesa: hi dear, working with a company called CMA with this one.

@anon: lol! nice choice of name for your yet to be born baby. well, ur hubby is not alone in this language wahala o, i do not understand mine either; but thankfully, i know the meaning of my name. the full name is ISIBAKHOME which means: finding succour with a stranger. it's a long story dear; my mum is ibo and my dad ishan, so marriage was kinda tough for them (ethnic differences and all), so i guess the name says it all in regards to their marital issues etc. some people call me ISIMEME, but i like ISI better :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot.your name is really beautiful and meaningful.

Rose said...

Hey There,
I just got my copy of your published book Eko Dialogue, and It's wonderful. Well done!

Joy Isi Bewaji said...

thanks rose! that's so good to know!