Sunday, April 18, 2010

I miss blogging!

I miss blogging! Thinking of what the focus of my blog should be. Something I’d love to keep doing even when blogger gets trite, like it normally would. Will get to it shortly.

But since I’m here now, I’d like to congratulate my dear FB friend and fellow author/writer, Myne Whitman for her new and shinning Nigerian fiction site:
Myne is such an enterprising young lady with a warm personality (just chatting online you can tell); let’s rally around this literary site and make it soar. Be a reader, a writer, contributor of the site and leave your beautiful and constructive comments behind. It’s right here.

Book Jam comes this Saturday, April 24 at the Silverbird Lifestyle store at the Galleria. By 3pm. As traditional of the event, there’ll be a select group of authors reading from their works and a crowd of literary enthusiast. Be a part of it!

I am working on my second book at present, and I am very excited about it. More gist on that later…

So what will you be up to this Sunday? I’ll be spending a better part of my morning in the kitchen; then the afternoon will be for munching most of my culinary samples afterwards; my evening, well, I’ll be back online to chat up a couple of friends.

Have a fab Sunday!



mizchif said...

Blogging misses you too.
Hope the family is well.

Joy Isi Bewaji said...

thank you mizchif! so good to be back. however, i wont be coming here too often. i've got a new blog i'll like you to check out. it defines all i've been trying to 'get' since my hiatus. pls add it to ur favourites list. it's right here: many thanks!

Myne Whitman said...

Nice to have you back Joy and thanks for the plug, you're a great personality too.

ps, I love the other blog already.