Saturday, February 28, 2009

20 things you should know about me...

1) I am a workaholic. I derive pleasure working on projects or scripts than I do engaging in anything else.

2) I am fascinated by dusk. I love the night life (maybe because I never really had any as a growing woman); I started clubbing when I got married; I really didn’t when I was single, strange huh?

3) I listen to what you aren’t saying, I focus on gestures, batting eyes etc than on words.

4) I am scared of having too many friends (I haven’t had more than 2 friends at any given time), I am always apprehensive of people and their intentions. I hate the exposure friendship initiates.

5) I do not lick asses. It’s humiliating! And I feel shame for people who do.

6) I am almost losing faith in the new generation Nigeria. We all are treading the same path we once criticized… I am afraid we are all just going to be red-carpet fixated, celebrity-obsessed, ass-licking cowards with no real value. May be that’s why I like
Up Rising, they sing a different tune, one that I can dance to.

7) I do not easily forgive. I forget easily (I actually think I have a memory problem. I can’t remember a lot of things from when I was a child up onto teenage years). But when the incident flashes through my mind, I hold on to the grudge….until my memory fades, again.

8) I am fearless; and I really don’t give a damn about stuff that bother a lot of people.

9) I THINK more than anything else.

10) I love intensely, I hate intensely

11) All of the jobs I’d got (now these are really good jobs; jobs I thought I’d get later on in life), none had ever asked for my CV.

12) I have proved every single person wrong – from my mother, to those who despised my humble beginning as a community publisher.

13) I totally despise cliques of any form, I think it jeopardizes growth, destroys individuality, kills unity, and fosters mediocrity; and it blinds its members to their own mistakes and faults.

14) I respect only a handful, I love only a few, I feel sorry for too many people.

15) I am on the highway right now in my life, anything is achievable, but I usually put on the brakes. I do not want to end up like many stories I’ve heard.

16) The only award ceremony I respect in Nigeria is LEAP Africa, not because I have one of those lovely plaques in my care, but I have also had the privilege to sit as a judge, and its transparency humbles me. Most of all, it is an equal opportunity platform for any type of youth, he doesn’t need to have a good suit!

17) My pen is caustic, and I am never afraid to unleash it on those deserving of it!

18) I am psychic to some extent, I can tell victory or doom a few hours or days before it occurs (not on a national level o! only on a personal one)

19) I love shopping; it’s therapeutic!

20) Before I got into the hub of my job, I was told I’d do things like everybody else. Well, I didn’t. I am still very upfront about many things; I do not encourage adult tantrums, and have walked out on many interviews because they just wouldn’t get their acts together. I am pleased…


Smaragd said...


u sound like a really tough person.

i respect the fact that u know urself so well, and yes, it's alright that u only started clubbing after u got

*shivers* at the caustic

Smaragd said...

err, just left a comment here, warrapened? cuz i dont see anything about blogger approval...

webround said...

since you derive pleasure working on projects/scripts, it is no longer 'work', or as some of my friends would say - they would love to be that kind of a workaholic.

wellsbaba said...

kai! nowonder lol


you started clubbing after marriage? that's funny!

How far, my sista?

Afrobabe said...

So many things I should have left till I get clubbing and blogging :)

You come across as a very disciplined person..

Naughty Eyes said...

I so feel you on Number 7! It's uncanny the way I've started forgetting stuff that happened to me way back especially with every year that passes. Some sort of selective amnesia perhaps?
It's even more worrying when everyone else in my house seems to have photographic memory even remembering the exact dates of every event!
I'm also losing faith in the new Nigeria... very slowly...

Anonymous said...

3. nothing beats listening to what ain't been said. Hmmm, you also must be extremely observant.
17. the pen is my fort.
18. psychic, spot-on with you on this.

Kenn-Knotty said...

Lol! Isi, I can still remember #5. At least doing our interview session, and the sealed lips sign you made when you said "I dont lick asses, censored." And then you giggled away with juvenile indulgence