Monday, November 10, 2008

It is a good time to be alive...

To witness the victory of a black man in the American polls causes a rising to my pulse; knowing the impossible is indeed possible. As humans, we continuously fight the fear factor, realizing that we crumble heavily below our potential because we are afraid to imagine what our ‘best’ might look like. Especially here, in Nigeria, we are simply too materialistic, too egocentric and too damn afraid to act, to live, and to dream.
We have long stopped dreaming of living extra-ordinary lives. We only aspire to mostly self-aggrandizing greatness that enriches one financially and make us able to fart without having to apologise. But it is unruly to think off greatness that oppresses another. We do not dream clearly and selflessly, so we do not achieve. And we can only achieve by pursuing dreams that are altruistic.
We have seen the dream of one man come alive… as a young Kenyan, did he envision himself attaining this height?
What kind of man rallies the world around, with sufficient belief, unless a man that was born to fulfil this purpose – to erase doubt and fear from the hearts of the weak-willed, and dare us to dream!
We are all born for a purpose, most never live to realize it…but to witness this phenomenon despite the racially crippling world that exist is to believe that life is for living, and fear has no place in it.

We must learn from this great example of audacity…what is life if we cannot dare…we must fight for our freedom and stand for what we believe in.

Are we not tired of being poor – poor in mind and in spirit? We have embraced the second class life for far too long. We watch our leaders rape us blatantly of what is ours, but we cannot speak – our fear silences the anger in us…and we continue to live mediocre lives.
One man has given us hope this day of Nov 5; he has snubbed every perceived norm to become something great. There is nothing greater than to live a life blessed with all your dreams and fantasies.
Let us rise to this challenge placed before us, to embrace our world and fight for a better life. We are here at this time in history to witness this miracle… what do we do with it?
It is time for change, and that time is now.

We can live that life we thought was impossible… never shall we continue to settle for less, we know it is possible – we have seen it! Yes we can achieve it!
Yes we can!


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So are u back to blogging for real?

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ok..i see two, three remarks so i guess am no4...welcome back babes blogsville is glad to have u around again:-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 'tis sure a good time to be alive.

Obama's victory simply reminds us of the existence of HOPE. If we consciously strive to keep hope alive, whatever we desire can be achieved.

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Merry christmas babes.