Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This thing that i talk about...

A couple of friends who read my blog are worried about my ‘sudden’ stance against get-some-money-and-blow-your-trumpet conduct that is all the rage these days. I made them understand that I have always had a problem with this kind of mentality, and have only been talking to ears that would listen…it just so happens that there are more ears listening now (probably because my cry is now on a roof top? Lol!).
But anyway, they are concerned that I stand out like a sore thumb.
Point of correction: ‘I stand out like a bright star,’ I say and laugh my heart out.
‘You see,’ Cee says, ‘You are just as vain as they are, you blow your own trumpet…’

Now that’s a good point. But I then realise that Cee and the rest of them do not understand my grouse. I am not against vanity; you cannot rid humans of a little pride whether it is in the form of a power-bike, posh ride, high-paying job, high-class friends or elite livelihood of any form. It is in our nature to want to fly our kites and get the world to see.

What I insist we do when we swank and swag is to be cautious of the ingenuous, gullible youth who sits back and watches our ways only to mimic and imitate.

We need to guard this generation of enthusiastic youths, who are looking to learn and grow, from our own insecurities - we owe them that much.

What really are we teaching them?

Last weekend I was in a club with my hubby when Eldee’s song Big Boy was played (yes, I dance to it! lol!) and whilst the beat was on, the DeeJay stopped the music which created a momentous pause, and he said…

‘Who amongst you own a Bentley?’ (a couple of silly hands actually went up)
‘All y’all recognise that they are BIG BOYS!’ the Deejay roared.

Then someone from the crowd screamed, ‘I own a Rolls Royce dawg, I’m a big nigger!’

That negro, with his jeans below his butt revealing grotesque underwear couldn’t be any day older than 27… he is in the league of an arrested generation trapped in a hollow world; and so is the ignorant bearded DeeJay!

Last week, my fifteen year old cousin who schools at UniLag came over to pay my family a visit, and we got talking about school and his choice of friends…

‘so who is your best friend now that Deji (his childhood friend who had relocated to the UK after secondary school) is away?’ I ask.

‘My new friend is Bayo.’

‘Ok, so tell me about Bayo,’ I say

Then my cousin goes… ‘Oh, he lives in lekki, he’s mum drives a range rover – hot piece of metal! He’s got a camry for himself, and his older brother actually lives in that house that’s got a swimming pool on the roof!’

If that is the best description a 15 year old can give about his best friend, then we are all in trouble – we just don’t know it yet!

So please if you don’t like what I preach, move over!

My point is clear: there’s nothing wrong in a little ego-stroking; MI says ‘I make green/you go green’ (or something like that) – that’s ego-stroking, it would have little effect on the mentality of a child. It’s just a feel-good verse which is permissible.

But I stand against blatant words that segregate and inflate, creating pomposity that wrecks the common sense of modesty that should be left unhindered. We should not encumber our youths with the leftovers of our own exaggerations, void of any substance.

Na wa! Too much grammar, but you get my drift? Lol!



"But I stand against blatant words that segregate and inflate, creating pomposity that wrecks the common sense of modesty that should be left unhindered. We should not encumber our youths with the leftovers of our own exaggerations, void of any substance."

My sista, the grammer plenty, but you are right.

Societies every where lose sight of what's important and then celebrate wealth and pomposity instead of celebrating and rewarding hard work and the success it can bring.

All one can do is correct the young ones around them and hope for the best.

Hope all is well.

mizchif said...

Na wa oh!

It's sad that this is how some youths now set standards for themselves.

I totally get ur drift, the as much as i do like that song BIG BOI, that dj and his respondents r so very childish!

CultureCynic said...

this is Brilliant!!! i definatly see you point...

Afrobabe said...

Hmmm I agree with you to a certain extent...I also believe you should not be ashamed of being successful especially if you worked hard for it...If you got it flaunt it...

Padosh said...

Now we know why Yahooze in on the rise . Youths of nowadays think no one will pay u any attention if u dont have money.
SO they go all out to get it.
Its saddening.

RocNaija said...

''Tori mo joko sinu bentley, porsche ati hummer/
Lao lao spending pounds ati dollar/
I'm a BIGGG BOIII.../''

I guess the essence of the song is to appeal to the deejay and his cronies..

I make green/ you go green/ (with envy)
Not like the hulk, seen?

Isi said...

@SD: i wish i can do more than just help the young ones around me; i wish i can do more... this things consume me... i really would like to do more...
anyway, how are the boys?!

@mizchif: childish and ignorant! thanks for stopping by!

@CC: thanks for coming around, i'll be checking on urs soon.

@afrobabe: afrobabe!!! i trust u! i hope say when ur bentley arrive u go still let ordinary people pass road sha? lol!!!

@padosh: na so we see am oh!

@Ric: yea, i make green (dollars) and u go green (with envy); its a common phrase nah...evreyone knows it!

Writefreak said...

I'm with you Isi! The vanity these days just sucks!
The life of a man is not defined by whatever he owns!

Isi said...

@WF: word! how have u been?

Writefreak said...

My sister i am well o, thank God!

bArOquE said...

abeg oh, is it Unilag secondary sch? i like this post...why you dey beef the bia bia deejay na? LOL...anyway, lets hope its just the fashion of the time & will pass

Isi said...

@bee: my cousin is going to be 16 this year, he's done with secondary school and is 'working into' Unilag, whatever that means...lol! but he's quite a smart chap, and i know he'd do well as a growing man if he didnt have to struggle with an identity that feeds on vanity

Kenn-Knotty said...

Thought I was the only one noticing this enthrallment for materialism. It’s good someone else is talking about it. It has come to stay with us…What do you expect when Moral Instruction has long gone into extinction from the school curriculum?
Exactly my point!

joicee said...

I agree with you on this one but in a country where most people are living in so much poverty this " flaunt it if you've got it" mentality is inevitable...Sad but true

God help us.

Anonymous said...

A WORD!!! for now. How so timely. It baffles me when people try to sound (oops, blow) their trumpets for they understand not that the TRUE worth of a 'man' is not in his possessions but, the content of his heart (and mind by implication).

Yes, towards a better Nigeria (we all desire) the labour is much, for not only do we have to guide our young ones in thots but also, (& much more difficult) to re-guide the thots of the middle age of now.

Do you know (s)he automatically command my full respect when i hear (s)he is a professor (discipline matters not).

Jaycee said...

This post is actually very important...it is so crucial that we guard the upcoming generation against such vices. I feel that this next generation is too gullible!

Azuka said...

Nothing wrong in having nice things or aspiring to it, but the level Nigerians have taken it to over the last 20 years is disgusting. I remember last year going home and i was in a rush to see work at my modest land get done and had to meet a friend at Ikoyi. He had told me of a young lady I might be interested in.. Anyway I arrived with my tank top, wornout jeans and rain boots. If looks could kill this woman was in shock. Mind you I was meeting my friend to collect some documents so this was no date. Anyway later that evening there was party at lekki ofcourse i was dressed differently and drove there in a 2005 bmw X5. You should have seen how this woman was all over me. It was disguting but also amusing. I remember saying to her your invading my space I don't have a twin,which she still could not understand my sarcasm..lol. Now many of you might say...jjc..but it was quite sickening to see how most Nigerians young and old, rich or poor are slaves to material things.
She could not understand in her warped Lagos mind why it was practical for me to dress the way i did, to travel with okada to get things done at the building site knowing my stay in Nigeria was limited. I pity most Nigerians espercially most of the women....:-(