Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guess who's been watching DSTV...

Yesterday, my going-on-4-year-old Vicky, with her skimpy lil dress, rushed to the sitting room when she heard Rihanna’s Disturbia on TV. She grabbed a stool, rested her hand on it, and started shaking her bum to the beat.

‘Vicky what in the world are you doing?’

‘I am dancing,’ comes her chirpy reply

‘You don’t need to shake like that; you could just jump around, that’s how kids dance,’ I say cheerfully.

‘No oh,’ she answers, ‘nobody dances like that o. Can’t you see Umbrella?
(that’s what she calls Rihanna – Umbrella was, and still is, her favourite song…. She calls Dbanj ‘I suggest’. I think he sang something along that line).’

And then she goes ahead to wriggle her behind all the way to the floor.

‘Ok!’ I scream ‘no more MTV (no, actually, TRACE plays better music, MTV centres on cheap reality TV). Disney channel, and no more!’

Sometimes she goes, ‘oh please!’ with her tiny palm in the air indicating I talk to the palm and leave her alone.

And her younger sister, Jojo? She’s into action movies, jazz, Ribena, and Beyonce.

This morning, I screamed ‘Barney is on TV!’ Jojo shook her head and Vicky screamed back, ‘booooooriiiing!’

These kids!


aloted said...

lol...children sha!

so r u getting rid of ur DSTV or wat is the plan?

bArOquE said...

you are in soup!....ever heard of child lock on TV, you better start reading the manual...

ow poor Isi

Padosh said...
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Padosh said...

You should see these children i saw on a clip on fb, terrible i tell you, she was jutting her bum and another 5 yr old boy was grinding on her bum, it was disgraceful to see that there were adults around them cheering them on.

disgodkidd said...

lol...we don't have kids no more...too much info available to be a kid

Writefreak said...

Ah God have mercy! I think it's high time you activated that parental feature on the DSTV

These kids...God help us!

Shubby Doo said...

LMAO...isi hide the remote o...i consider disturbia to be a horror flick...i kid

i went to a kiddie bday party in lagos at christmas time...age range from about 7 months to 6 years...bday boy was turning 3...honestly the adults were shocked at the way their kids were winding and getting down on the floor... as in mouths open in absolute horror/amazement... i was speechless but i couldn't help pointing each one out to the their parents and laughing out loud as i was so funny...the good things about it was everybody's child was at it

isi, come o... banning trace, mtv, mtv base, channel o is NOT gonna help...this is how they do it in this day and age. Sure your folk thought the same thing about our generation when we were growing up

vicky is so cute...awww @ the fact she calls her umbrella...2 cute for words

AustynZOGS said...

Ha..ha..haaaa!!These kids will kill somebody!
Our kids are really catching up fast on so many things from TV.We can't stop them.We can giude them.
Big Congrats on your book,Eko Dialogue.

Isi said...

everyone, guys am taking this really serious. i believe there's an age to remain innocent, and no one - no society should rob its children of their innocence. i had tried the parental contol thingy, and it worked to an extent, but i still see cartoons and children's programme with sexual innuendos flashing through it. *sigh... i have decided to deny them TV after school. NO TV UNTIL MUM IS BACK FROM WORK. that's the way to go.
the nanny could sneak on me and put it on, but if i catch her. ah!

thanks y'all!

For the love of me said...

wow, these kids. Pele. I'm glad you are taking it serious.

Danny Bagucci said...

Kids do have a mind of their own don't you think.. and they pick up a lot of the subtle influences that adults just let slip by....

LG said...

lollllll@ i suggest,
norrin do dem jare :)

OluwaDee said...

Yes o, these kids.
try putting parental control on your DSTV.

Anonymous said...

Lol. children these days are really exposed.i suggest you activate the parental guidiance lock thing,so the nanny wouldn't even know the code.i also suggest,that it's time you encourage them to talk to you more..

Hope youre doing okay?
i'm fine o

Vera Ezimora said...

Oturugbeke! Dis one na serious problem o. LOL.

By the way, guess what I got as a birthday gift???? EKO DIALOGUE!!! Diamond Hawk sent it to me; she just came from Naija. I'm supa dupa excited!!!

[insert white girl accent] like seriously, like oh my gosh!